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David Gonzales talks to Matthew during a recording of the podcast.

The Engineering Communication Podcast

Engineers are known for doing many things: designing machines and systems; creating robotics and prosthetics; theorizing and testing designs like elevators, turbines, and tires; and much, much more. But none of these projects could go anywhere without effective communication, a skill that can be easily overlooked in the field of engineering. But exactly what kind of communication is required from engineers in their day-to-day jobs, and how does that communication change as they advance in their career? The Engineering Communication Podcast* examines these questions and more. Join Dr. Kelly Scarff1 and Matthew Wood2 as they interview engineers to uncover the answers to these questions.

* The Engineering Communication Podcast is sponsored by Virginia Tech’s Mechanical Engineering Department.

1 Kelly Scarff is the Technical Communication Program Director in Virginia Tech’s Mechanical Engineering Department.

2 Matthew Wood is an Undergraduate student in Virginia Tech’s Mechanical Engineering Department.